Professional Inground Vinyl Liner Replacements

In-Ground Liners & Safety Covers

In-Ground Vinyl Liners

Before and After Pool Liner Replacement

Is your liner faded or ripped? Rejuvenate your back yard with a new liner. Integrity Pools are professionals who will do it right the first time. Your new liner will be installed quickly and without hassle. You can have confidence that an SP-1, state licensed supervisor is managing your new liner installation.

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Safety Covers

Loop Loc Pool Covers

Protect your family and neighborhood animals with a professionally installed safety cover. Let us help you to keep your pool clean and safe for all the unexpected possibilities.

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Pool Liner Options

Expert Services

Whether you need a service call or a total renovation, Integrity Pools is the company to call.

  • Custom In-Ground Liners


    1600 and counting!  Integrity Pools is professionally licensed and ready to help you recover the beauty of your inground pool and backyard.  Call today to discuss all your options.

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988

  • Openings and Closings


    Are you tired of the hassle of opening and closing your pool?  Does it take away from your enjoyment?  Let us do it for you!  Add to the pleasure of your pool by having it professionally opened and closed.  We will make sure your pool is ready in the summer, and prepared for winter.

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988

  • Plumbing Repairs


    State licensed and more than 25 years of experience, Integrity Pools can handle your pool plumbing repairs with expertise.  Are you loosing water or pump pressure?  Call us to evaluate and solve your plumbing problems!

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988

  • Safety Covers


    A safety cover is a great way to protect your family, pets, and other critters that might wander through your yard.  Don’t wait until there is a deer in your pool ripping up your liner, or, something worse!  Call us today and have a safety cover installed ASAP!

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988

  • Filter, Pump and Heater Sales and Installations


    Professional sales and installations.  Even if you bought it somewhere else, Integrity Pools is your professional installer!  We are licensed by the state of CT for all things pools.  Call today to have your pool up and running quickly.

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988

  • Chemical Sales


    Not sure what you need?  We will advise you and even deliver your chemicals as we drive through your area.  Don’t buy from Amazon and hope for the best.  Use local, CT Licensed professionals for all of your pool needs.

    Serving Central Connecticut, and the surrounding areas, since 1988


Replacing your faded or ripped liner will be a smooth process with Integrity Pools.  Having successfully completed more than 1600 inground vinyl liner replacements, 600 safety covers and innumerable other repairs and improvements, Integrity Pools has the experience to do your job quickly and professionally.

Dave McLaughlin started in the pool business in 1985, working for a pool builder in central Connecticut. In 1988, he began Integrity Pools.  The company has been continually serving the area ever since.  We delivery quality service at a competitive price.

We specialize in inground vinyl liner replacements and safety cover installations. However, our professional service department will also exceed your expectations offering pool opening and closing, plumbing, equipment installs, leak detection, and water/chemical solutions.

Let us help make your swimming pool look brand new again!


Licensed in CT

Integrity Pools is fully insured with liability insurance and workman's compensation.  We are licensed with the state of CT as a Home Improvement Contractor and have qualified for the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection SP1 Pool and Spa Trade License.

Quality Assurance

We have over 20 years of experience in the pool industry. You can be confident that we will finish your job, and do it right! This means peace of mind for you.

State License

CT HIC Lic# 601262
SP1# PLM 0285714-SP1

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